Have More Energetic, Happy Days with a Morning Routine

Have More Energetic, Happy Days with a Morning Routine

Do you want to reduce your stress, increase your energy, and have a happier day? Having that is all about creating a morning routine that will make the start of your day more efficient but, at the same time, more energizing and inspiring.

What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is whatever you do in the morning, from waking up to getting on with the bulk of your day, whether it’s work, errands, housework, or school. We all have some type of morning routine, although you may not know it. Maybe it’s hitting the snooze button before you go put your contacts in and shower. Maybe you start the day with a cat yelling in your face for food like me. Humans are routinized, so we like to have predictability. Most of us haven’t put in the effort to create a helpful morning routine. Yep, it takes some planning, but it can make your whole day go better and make you happier!

Why Create a Morning Routine?

Your morning routine sets the mood and tone for your entire day. Picture this: You start your day with a little quiet time, and then you peacefully get ready and leave the house on time. You’re not stressed. You aren’t wondering if you unplugged your iron in your rush. You are in complete control of your day. Are mornings a struggle or are they the best part of your day? Well, a little planning can make a difference between those states. With a routine, you can make your mornings useful kick starters for your day.

What Can You Do in the Morning?

Let’s start by thinking about your current morning routine:

  • What time does your alarm go off?
  • What time do you actually get up?
  • How do you usually feel?
  • What is the first thing you do?
  • Then what? Add the rest of your morning steps.
  • How long do you need to get ready? Is this different than the time you currently allow yourself?
  • What’s for breakfast?
  • How do you feel by the time you leave/get on with the day?
  • What tends to get in your way of a peaceful and on-time morning?

Now, let’s think about how you’d prefer your morning to go. Go through the list above again, be realistic.Let’s step through your preferred morning list. Go through each item on your list and estimate how much time each part of the routine will take. Compare that to the amount of time you will give yourself in the morning, keeping in mind that most people will not be waking up at 4:00am to fit in their perfect morning routine of working out, meditating, cleaning the house, looking like a model, and leaving with enough time to stop for coffee.Do you need to cross of some steps in your preferred morning routine? Don’t worry. Save those for later, as you may find you have more time in the mornings as you make the routine into habit. Remember, the goal is to have a happy, productive morning, not an even more stressful one. Keep this simple.Write out your new routine.

Select one or two items from your routine to begin adding in. Do not add everything at once!

If you’re stuck, here are some ideas for your morning routine, in no particular order:

  • Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual
  • Open the curtains/blinds right away
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Stretch or move a bit
  • Eat breakfast
  • Read or watch the news
  • Clean up after yourself when getting ready
  • Set a goal for the day
  • Review your calendar/day’s tasks
  • Make your bed
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Meditate or pray
  • Think of 3 things you are grateful for
  • Wash your makeup brushes after using them
  • Wipe down your counter
  • Clean up anything out of place
  • Play with your pet
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea outside or by a window
  • Warm up your car
  • Mini dance party
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Making it Work for You

You can design the most perfect, jam-packed morning routine, but if it doesn’t fit your reality, it won’t stick. Then, you’ll feel like you failed, which is even worse than how you felt without a routine. Ugh.If you aren’t a morning person, that’s cool. Focus on what you can do to make your morning better and not a struggle.Focus on your strengths instead of trying to work on your weaknesses. Select a few steps in your morning routine and see how they go. This will take some experimentation. Maybe you add more. Maybe you subtract. Play around.

The point is to design a morning routine that you’ll actually keep doing and that will eventually become habit.

Reach Your Health Goals with Better Time Management

Reach Your Health Goals with Better Time Management

Can you guess the biggest reason why people think they can’t achieve their health goals?

The answer, by far, is that they don’t have enough time. Sound familiar?

It sure did to me.Time management isn’t the sexiest health topic out there, but, it can make or break your ability to have a healthy lifestyle. When we have poor time management, everything else falls apart, including our good intentions to eat well, hit the gym, or take some time to center ourselves and relax.

But, do you really lack time? Get the real story

For two days this week, I’d like you to track how much time you spend doing things during the day. Track productive activities like work, exercise, planning, etc. Also, be sure to track the less productive things, like social media and internet time, TV time, and other activities. The goal is to have a real picture of how you spend your time. I’ve been doing this for about three years, and here is what my tracking looks like:

Find the gaps and wasters

Now that you have some information about how you spend your time, first identify where you feel you are wasting time. Maybe you spend a surprising amount of time watching TV (there are a few days in there that I had a Netflix binge, as one does) or scrolling mindlessly on social media. Maybe you find that you could combine your TV time with something productive, like cooking or folding laundry or walking on the treadmill. That’s my secret for still getting in impressive amounts of Netflix-watching while being productive 😉.

Now, find the gaps and opportunities for efficiency.

Could you combine some tasks? Are there errands you can do while you’re already out or on the way home from work? Are you really so busy that you can’t find time to work toward your goals like 30 minutes or exercise or cooking a large recipe for the week?


Think about how you can do more in less time. What are you spending time on that can be eliminated, outsourced, or saved for later? What activities can you combine to get more done at once? How can you use technology to your benefit rather than as a time waster?

Consider Parkinson’s Law:

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

If you give yourself two weeks to do a project, do you want to guess how long it will take you? Two weeks. What if you gave yourself three weeks for the same project? You guessed it. It would take three weeks. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a deadline to see what we can get done. You might be surprised that you actually can fit in some exercise or a meditation session or even cooking a stew to last you most of the week.

Drop comments or questions below. We are here to help! 👏