Focus on the Now to Get to Your Goals

We typically devote most of our time and thinking to our health goals – what it will be like when we achieve them, what needs to happen to get there…but now going to talk about something equally important but different.

We’re talking about you being exactly where you need to be in your life. That may be at your goals, or it may be at the very beginning of the process or anywhere in between.

I want to propose this: Any point on that path to your goals is the right one.

First, I want to stress something really important, and, at the same time, pass along some wisdom from two of my favorite women.

My yoga teacher trainer, Dianne, once told me: “Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be.”

That was a hard sell for a type-A person like me who’s in constant motion, but she’s right. If that one doesn’t do it for you, how about this from my friend and mentor Amber: “You can’t be late for your destiny.”

Now, as smart as both of those women are, they didn’t make up those sentiments.

They just happened to say them right when I needed them to. Dianne said that to me when I was frustrated that I wasn’t mastering yoga class cueing quickly enough for my taste. 

She assured me that I was at the right point in my training and that rushing it wouldn’t provide the result I wanted. And she was absolutely right.

Amber’s point about our destiny timing came at a live event with a bunch of go-getters.

Many in the crowd (including me) were worried that we were going to miss the boat if we didn’t do everything on our lists to reach our goals right there and then.

This causes a lot of internal screaming and panic, BTW. She’s right, you know. 

Your goals and destiny that are created by setting them are uniquely yours. You can’t miss what’s meant for you.

When you’re driven and constantly looking to achieve more in life, health, work, finances, family, and on and on, it’s easy to forget about all of the steps you’ve taken to get where you are.

We spend a lot of time focused on the future, which is good! It’s helpful to have a goal in mind.

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about staying in the present from the mindful folks in your life. That’s also good. But, it can be helpful to take a gander at the past to see all that you’ve done to get here and now.

We tend to forget all that we’ve already done when we get stuck perseverating over what has to be done now and when we’ll get to our goals.

But, Kelly, tick-tock. Gotta keep grinding and hustling, right?

Let’s try to rework that way of thinking. If, as Dianne said, you’re where you should be, and, as Amber said, you can’t be late for where you’re going…what’s the rush? Why are you stressing yourself out?

It’s time to take a quick inventory of where you’ve been.

Do you ever feel like your efforts should be getting you to your goals faster? 

We’re going to take a quick inventory of these wonderful things you’ve accomplished so for this year. Go ahead. Write them all down. No victory is too small.

Okay, let’s add your accomplishments from the last 5 years. 

How about your life highlights? Did you maybe forget about that car you bought all by yourself or the 5k you ran or the time you taught your little sister her multiplication tables? 

Where you are right now is a culmination of all of your hard work. It’s also a result of your mistakes, failures, and missteps.

Each success, failure, and something in between gives us information for our next step on the path.

Keep adding to this inventory as you achieve things, big and small. Maybe fancy it up a bit so you enjoy looking back at it.

you are here, which is a long way from back there where you started. And, here, is a great place on the path to your goals.