How to get started with meditation

You’ve probably heard about meditation, its different practices, and the various health and mental benefits of meditating – and for good reason!

Mediation comes in lots of different forms and can be done by anyone to bring a little peace and clarity.

One of the simplest forms of meditation is to become aware of your breath.

Sit comfortably, calm your mind, and focus all your attention and conscious thought on breathing in and out.

It can take a bit of practice. Once you get comfortable, it’s a form of meditation you can do anytime, anywhere.

By focusing completely on your breath, you’re able to silence your racing thoughts, since you can only instantly focus on one thing at a time. Physically, you’ll slow your breathing and take longer, deeper breaths, which will relax your body quickly.

Meditation is a wonderful way to:

  • combat stress
  • improve your quality of life
  • Work on your mental and physical health

Experiment with different types of meditations, like:

  • guided meditation
  • chanting
  • transcendental meditation
  • breathing meditations
  • moving meditation where you walk or do a simple task.

There are so many different traditions and practices out there. We’re sure you’ll find the one that’s right for you. 

Become more present and happier by practicing self-reflection.