How Keep from Overindulging on Candy

When candy is fun-sized, one can turn into two which can turn into you sitting in a pile of candy wrappers wondering what happened. Unless you’re on a strict diet that doesn’t allow for sugar, there’s nothing wrong with a little treat – the key words being “little” and “treat.” 


A single serving, or even just one little fun-size bar, is often enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, and if you only treat yourself to it every so often (rather than as a normal part of your day), there’s truly no harm. But, that’s easier said than done, right?

We have some quick tips for keeping your candy consumption under control:

  • Plan for your treat so you can look forward to it.
  • When you have your treat, pay attention – otherwise it will be over before you even get to enjoy it!
  • If it’s not one of your favorites, don’t eat it. Those bottom-tier candies (looking at you, Mary Janes and Bit-O-Honeys) are not worth it. Just get rid of them.
  • Store the candy out of sight or freeze the extras and thaw them out over time to keep from overindulging. Bonus – the treats last into the new year!
  • Keep track of what you’ve eaten. If you’re having more than one, keep the wrappers by you so you don’t lose track.

Treats can have a place in your healthy diet. Be intentional about how many of them you eat, and enjoy them.