How to Keep from Getting Sick this Winter

This year, experts have warned us to be ready for the cold and flu season amid coronavirus concerns. Ideally, the best thing you can do is boost your immune system to minimize or even prevent your chances of getting sick with any illnesses floating around. Here’s what to do to be ready.

Fill your plate with nutritious foods

Though the winter months tend to make us want fat- and carb-laden comfort food, make sure you’re balancing that out with plenty of nutritious whole foods.

Though it’s cold out, there is still plenty of wonderful seasonal produce up for grabs.

Practice dietary balance, so you still enjoy your favorite comfort food while still eating nutrient-dense foods to keep your immune system healthy.

Sleep well

When you make time to get deep sleep each night, it supports your body’s overall health. Your body completes restoration and cleansing rituals within your cells through these crucial hours.

Plus, as you sleep, it can build up its army of white blood cells should it detect an invading germs.

Get your exercise

Exercise boosts immunity, too, so don’t let colder weather get you down. Also, you’ll get the stress relief you need so you can strengthen your immunity.

Do exercises at home or get out there in the fresh air and enjoy nature as you walk, jog, or run. Just be sure you’re dressing appropriately for the weather.

Find proper ways to handle stress

Along with exercise, letting go of tension in other ways is encouraged.

Try meditation, yoga, journaling, or talking to friends and family to release that stress in a healthy way.

Be proactive about this before the stress hits so you can prevent much of the stress

Wash your hands often

Don’t just rinse them with water or quickly wash with soap – wash them thoroughly.

Experts say at least 20 seconds of vigorous scrubbing with soap is required to remove any lingering germs.

Even if you always wash up before eating or after a trip to the bathroom, you should be washing throughout the day, especially when you come back into your home.

Keep your hands off your face

We’re always touching something, so don’t touch your face unless your hands have been freshly cleaned the right way.

If you have germs on your hands, you’ll wind up getting them in your eyes, nose, or mouth if you don’t form the habit of not touching your face. Yuck.