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Who are we looking for?

Looking for someone who is passionate about living a healthier lifestyle and sharing it with others.

Someone that is looking to make a passive income from home doing things at their own time or looking for life balance while making passive income and still doing other things they enjoy.

How do you get into the Partner Program?

The process to join the Partner Program is quite simple:

  1. Apply by filling the application at the bottom of this page
  2. We will review your application within 72 hours
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Our goal is to help more and more people all over the world. If someone is looking for new delicious recipes to support their healthy lifestyle, we want to be there for them, and we will make that happen together!

Below is a table that serves as an example of what you could be making being part of our Partner Program! The more you share, the more you make.

(These numbers are estimates based on your referred users after staying with veedah for 3 months)

Referred Users Your Monthly Payment
100 $125
200 $250
500 $625
1,000 $1,250
3,000 $3,750
10,000 $12,500
20,000 $25,000
30,000 $37,500
50,000 $62,500

Our Core Values


We believe in our mission. We believe that we are part of the biggest movement in Health and Wellness that the world will ever see.

Go The Extra Mile

We always go above and beyond what is expected. We go the extra mile to better each life we touch.

Be Vulnerable

We accept our failures. We accept when we are wrong.

Be an Energy Changer

We focus on always giving off great energy and positivity to everyone. We know that life will return that same energy we put out.

Love Change

We love change. Even if we are used to doing something in a specific manner, we accept new ideas and welcome new ways of doing things.

Who we are

We are a passionate community of health, fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle professionals and advocates who saw a better way to help people make amazing changes that will ultimately result in a healthier and happier version of themselves.

We are a group of people who have experienced the ups and downs of seeking that healthier lifestyle just like our audience. One of the founding members has lost over 30 lbs, another one has toned her body to levels she wanted for a long time after giving birth to 2 handsome boys, and the last founding member was able to put on over 15 lbs of muscle mass after being in the hospital with a life threatening condition. The founders sought out like-minded experts to build our community, and we continue to grow in that spirit.

Every day, we strive to understand where our community is coming from with more clarity. We have been working with users and wellness professionals from all over the world for the past 3 years, tirelessly using all the data, research, personal experience, success and failure stories to create and continue to evolve veedah.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every person in finding a better, healthier, and happier version of themselves. We engage with and help our users in a way that has never been done before to provide them with positive, sustainable life changes that many have only dreamed of.

Here’s where your recipes come in – they’ll help our users find high-quality, delicious, and do-able recipes to keep them excited about eating a nutritious diet

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