Making Your Festive Food Healthier

The holidays are here, and along with them are dishes, sides, snacks, and desserts that can get you off track from your healthy eating.

Everywhere you look, there are cakes, candy, and cookies, gravy, butter-topped carbs, and other tempting calorie bombs.

How can you make healthy decisions during the season of eating, and do you need to bypass all of the fun stuff?

We’d never make you do that! The goal here is healthier rather than perfect. We still want you to cook up and enjoy your favorites, but in moderation.

We have some tips that will make the food you make a little healthier:

Skip the canned broth

When you roast or poach food, make soups or stews, or even make your gravy, we encourage you to watch your sodium. Too much sodium leads to bloat in the short term and big issues like hypertension in the long term.

Instead of sodium-filled canned broth, try using bone broth. This will add more depth of flavor, and it will provide you with healthy benefits and extra nutrition.

Replace the refined sugar

While this won’t make your desserts healthy, it does help with your sugar consumption during this time. Swap out the unhealthy refined white sugar for a natural sweetener that is a better option.

You’ll still get the sweet tastes everyone loves without the sugar bomb.

We recommend stevia for a calorie-free natural option. You can also use honey or dates. Remember that honey and dates are still sugar, though, so moderation.

Boost flavor with herbs

Fresh herbs add plenty of taste to your dishes without adding calories or sodium.

Dried herbs are fine, too, but the fresh ones have more flavor. Plus, they naturally have their own benefits from adding more antioxidants to reducing inflammation.