The meaning behind "veedah"

Initially, we kicked off the platform using “Lifing” as our name. We envisioned people saying “I’m lifing so well right now”, meaning that they were living their very best life.

But… that didn’t stick too well 😔

So we had a ton of brainstorming sessions 🌩, talked with friends 👨‍💻, discussed a few ideas 💡and finally decided to go with “veedah” as the name of the platform that will forever transform the world.

You see, we truly believe that a great life is only achieved when you can conquer your health and happiness.

Being a founder with a Hispanic heritage, it was more than fitting to use a word that meant life itself: “veedah“, which sounds like the word “vida” in Spanish when you say it out loud.

Our goal is to help you in creating that healthier and happier veedah. The very best veedah you can possibly imagine.

The meaning behind