mercedes reyes ∙ business development

Have you ever felt guilty, disappointed or ashamed of eating a whole bag of chips with no control?

I know exactly how that feels. I was raised eating anything I wanted, whenever I wanted, having no control of the food I was consuming or knowing anything about it.

I was overweight since a very young age all the way up until high-school.

I was bullied for my weight in high-school to the point where I struggled with confidence and self image.

This led to depression and an eating disorder.

I ended up in the hospital for the eating disorder on my senior year and I knew I didn’t want to live like that.

Thankfully, I got help and support from my family and got better. The true struggle for me came afterwards:

I didn’t know how to find a balance between the person I wanted to be and the life that I was living. 


I come from a hispanic family that loves to eat delicious food but not too healthy. I had to learn how to cook my own meals, which helped me find the balance I needed. 


Then, I had my first son and gained 60 pounds due to bed rest throughout my whole pregnancy. Once again I felt lost, I didn’t know how to lose the weight, I spent hours at the gym seeing no results. I even tried diet pills and struggled with this for 4 years.


It wasn’t until one day that I got tired of skipping meals, with that fear of facing another eating disorder and being unhappy with myself,

that I googled personal trainers around my area and got help. I knew I couldn’t make the change on my own and I was too lost to even know where to start.

This was the best decision I made. I learned about proper nutrition, exercise routines, and most importantly, how to love myself. It gave me the confidence I needed and I actually started seeing results.


A few months after this, I met Marcos, the founder of veedah and now my husband. We have been working on this project together ever since. We both know how hard it is to struggle with self image, confidence, weight loss, weight gain and so on.

We have been building this platform with YOU in mind based on every hard path that you might be going through.

We want to help you build a lifestyle with the right resources to create sustainable changes to live healthier, happier and longer.

Fitness and health has become my passion and 11 years later, with 2 kids under our beautiful home,

we all share the same passion towards eating better, exercising for a better health, and living happily with the balance that took me so long to find.