Reach Your Health Goals with Better Time Management

Can you guess the biggest reason why people think they can’t achieve their health goals?

The answer, by far, is that they don’t have enough time. Sound familiar?

It sure did to me.Time management isn’t the sexiest health topic out there, but, it can make or break your ability to have a healthy lifestyle. When we have poor time management, everything else falls apart, including our good intentions to eat well, hit the gym, or take some time to center ourselves and relax.

But, do you really lack time? Get the real story

For two days this week, I’d like you to track how much time you spend doing things during the day. Track productive activities like work, exercise, planning, etc. Also, be sure to track the less productive things, like social media and internet time, TV time, and other activities. The goal is to have a real picture of how you spend your time. I’ve been doing this for about three years, and here is what my tracking looks like:

Find the gaps and wasters

Now that you have some information about how you spend your time, first identify where you feel you are wasting time. Maybe you spend a surprising amount of time watching TV (there are a few days in there that I had a Netflix binge, as one does) or scrolling mindlessly on social media. Maybe you find that you could combine your TV time with something productive, like cooking or folding laundry or walking on the treadmill. That’s my secret for still getting in impressive amounts of Netflix-watching while being productive 😉.

Now, find the gaps and opportunities for efficiency.

Could you combine some tasks? Are there errands you can do while you’re already out or on the way home from work? Are you really so busy that you can’t find time to work toward your goals like 30 minutes or exercise or cooking a large recipe for the week?


Think about how you can do more in less time. What are you spending time on that can be eliminated, outsourced, or saved for later? What activities can you combine to get more done at once? How can you use technology to your benefit rather than as a time waster?

Consider Parkinson’s Law:

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

If you give yourself two weeks to do a project, do you want to guess how long it will take you? Two weeks. What if you gave yourself three weeks for the same project? You guessed it. It would take three weeks. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a deadline to see what we can get done. You might be surprised that you actually can fit in some exercise or a meditation session or even cooking a stew to last you most of the week.

Drop comments or questions below. We are here to help! 👏