Reach your weight loss goals and more

7 Tips that can make a great difference

1️⃣. Do a blood test to find out what you need to focus on. Based on the results, you can set clear goals and start a plan of attack.

2️⃣. Start cleaning your body by taking juices that contain: celery, pineapple, nopal and grapefruit preferably without straining so that your body takes advantage of all the fibers in your juice.

3️⃣. It is recommended to exercise increasing the activity little by little, so that your progress is controlled and your improvement is steady and effective.

4️⃣. Food is essential! Always aim to take in three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and try to have a couple of snacks in between. The key is to have healthy meals and not meals that will keep you away from your goals.

5️⃣. Drink water and eliminate sodas. Doing this one change will be your greatest ally in achieving your goal. Your intake of water should be between 8-12 cups per day.

6️⃣. Try to eliminate dairy as much as possible since dairy is usually high in saturated fat and it raises bad cholesterol. There are alternatives that can replace dairy and actually raise the good cholesterol such as: Milk from nuts like Almond Milk, or even Coconut Milk.

7️⃣. Avoid the consumption of flours and replace them with whole grain. There are many products out there that are delicious and are made with whole grain.