Self-Reflection for Your Health

Self-reflection has to do with how you feel about yourself, others, and life. As opposed to just casual thinking, self-reflection is about making a conscious effort to think deeply and allow insights to emerge.

This may seem difficult at first—maybe because it feels pointless, or you don’t have the time, or you are a little afraid of what you may unearth in the process.

The prompts below will help you with beginning a self-reflection practice. You can certainly come up with your own questions for yourself beyond these.

Write out your thoughts, speak them aloud, or just think through them in your head as a meditative practice.

The way of doing this is up to you, and you can do it differently depending on your mood.

In your self-reflection time, you will attempt to tap into your subconscious mind where your self-image lives.

Your subconscious is the core of your identity and self, and your deeper qualities, like beliefs, attitudes, values, and major experiences reside here, too.

The purpose of this inward exploration is to ask yourself questions about the best subject: you. Make sure you are being a good interviewer to yourself.

Don’t cut off your thoughts in this process or avoid the juicy topics. Reveal all you can about yourself.

Give some of these prompts a try:

  • If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell him/her…
  • Make a list of 20 things you can do that you are proud of. These can be talents, party tricks, or even as simple as things you’re good at, like making soufflés that never fall.
  • Identify a moment where you were overwhelmed in life, but you pulled through and succeeded.
  • list the people in your life who support and love you. What types of support do they provide you? 
  • What do you love about yourself physically?
  • What do you love about yourself on the inside?
  • Describe yourself in two sentences.
  • I feel most energized when…
  • Write a list of everything that inspires you.
  • Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.
  • Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
  • What would need to change to make your life exactly what you want it to be?
  • What qualities do you admire in people you know? Be specific.
Do self-reflection exercises frequently. The more in-touch you are with who you are and where you are right now, they're better you can set and achieve your goals.

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