Spooky Ways to Be Active in October

In October, the weather is crisp and just plain delightful, so we want you to get out and enjoy it! These spooky activity suggestions are appropriate for all ages and get everyone moving and festive. Consider serving up some healthy snacks to go with your fun!

Spooky Simon Says

Spooky Simon faces the group and calls out Halloween-related instructions (e.g., stand like a scarecrow, pretend to fly like a witch, float like a ghost, make yourself into a pumpkin). When Spooky Simon calls out, “Spooky Simon says (insert action),” the group must act it out. But, if Spooky Simon doesn’t say, “Spooky Simon says” before a command, and someone does the action, they sit out until the next round.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Using any size pumpkin, have people try to throw a hula hoop around one. You can make this as easy or hard as you like. 

Mummy Race

Divide into pairs where one person is the wrapper and one the mummy. Each wrapper will be given two rolls of toilet paper and will race the other groups to wrap their mummy from head to toe. Once the mummy is totally wrapped, they run (or wobble) to the finish line.

Spider Web Challenge

Grab a whole lot of rope, yarn, string, or painter’s tape and get creative! Loop the rope around stationary and heavy objects to form a web that is far enough off the group to require the players to climb over, under, and around it to get through. The goal is to get across the web without touching it.

Pumpkin Bowling

Get a few 4-6 inch pumpkins and cut the stems down as close to the pumpkins as you can. Have a few spare in case one breaks open! Create pins by filling ten empty two-liter soda bottles with a few inches of dry beans, popcorn, or rice. Set up your pins in a triangle shape with one in front, two in the second row, and so on. Regular bowling rules apply.