Why Did I Start VeeDah?

1. As I became more serious about my health and fitness a few years ago, I took on the task of finding answers to many questions in order to improve my overall health and physical condition. I found some great resources over time, however, this information was very dispersed and I did not always find the most appropriate answer in the same place.
Has this happened to you? From that moment on, I knew that this problem had to be solved; and that’s when the idea of VeeDah was born.

2. As a result of my search, I found some good tips on Instagram accounts; and don’t get me wrong, Instragram is great, but it was NOT created for health and fitness! Searching and obtaining specific answers meant navigating through thousands of posts, hashtags or users and trying to create extensive collections from them. That's why I think the most effective way to solve this problem is through this great daily tool designed for people like you, like me, for everyone.

3. Nowadays there are so many coaches, gurus and passionate people about sports and nutrition that we seek to connect with them and find support through their knowledge so that we can build a healthier lifestyle. Currently, we use social media networks to connect with people from all over the world, why not use VeeDah to create a globally committed community to seek and obtain a better level and quality of life focused on health and fitness.

4. I have seen a few apps whose interest has been mainly focused on the sale of products rather than on actually improving the quality of life of people. VeeDah’s only focus is people; it has been designed so that we can continue to learn and grow daily. It was designed to see inspiring stories of those people who have transformed their lives and obtain support from each other to accomplish our own health and fitness goals step by step.

5. VeeDah is the ideal place to ask the questions that concern us the most and that can be resolved by recommendations from the community members who have success stories of their own. The community will give likes to the approach, answer or recommendation that has worked best and that way, we will always know the best answer for each question.
With VeeDah, you will have the perfect place to achieve your goals and be part of new success stories and source of inspiration for others!

The Vision

What I envision: VeeDah will become the platform where people from all walks of life who want to better their health will go to. There is so much great information out there that it’s just too scattered for us to be able to take full advantage of it. VeeDah will become the center of all that information. VeeDah will be the place where all your health and fitness questions will be answered.