The Koi Fish represents the way that we, here at veedah, look at the world in many ways. It also represents the attitude that we strive to have every single day. Here are some cool facts that you may or may not know about the Koi Fish. May be after reading this, you will love the meaning behind this fascinating creature as much as we do!

Living Jewels

Koi Fish are the most desired fish in the world. Often called “living jewels” – We firmly believe each and every one of us is a living jewel that is irreplaceable and incomparable.

Endurance & Perseverance

Koi Fish are often admired for their endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity. Something amazing happens in our lives when we realize that adversity is what makes us. As kids, as students, as parents, as partners in someone else’s life, as human beings, adversity is what gives us that true strength to move forward and grow.

Challenge Seeker

The Koi Fish is the only fish in the world that literally swims up a waterfall! We want people to understand that no matter what life throws at them (the waterfall), they will always have a way to become healthier and happier (swimming up the waterfall).

Love & Friendship

Koi Fish swimming together represent love and friendship. We believe deeply that we are all seeking Happiness. That is the underlying reason for anything and everything we do in life. We want to help and embark in this journey together so that we each find that desired feeling of happiness in our lives.

The meaning behind the koi fish in veedah - the best platform for health and fitness